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Samyang Corpotation

The Industrial Fibers Division of Samyang Corporation was transferred to Huvis as of November 1st. Please visit www.huvis.com for more information.

Go to www.huvis.com for more information on industrial fiber.

Business Introduction

Business Introduction

Samyang focuses on furthering growth in four value added product segments, high tenacity yarn, polypropylene Spunbond, Geogrid, and monofilament.

High-Tenacity Yarn

Developed for especially stronger industrial use than for textile fibers, Samyang`s high tenacity yarn range from 100 to 8000 denier, including its most demanded 1000 denier.


Samyang Spunbond, primarily made from polypropylene, has the significant growth potential in broad applications, including hygiene, household, furniture, bedding, agriculture, horticulture.


Geogrid is used in civil engineering reinforcement applications. Produced in both textile and extrusion types, applications include retaining walls, slope reinforcement, road reinforcement, and soft ground reinforcement.


A monofilament is a single-strand fiber with a diameter over 0.1 mm. Currently, Samyang produces a wide range of polyester monofilaments.