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Samyang Corpotation

The Industrial Fibers Division of Samyang Corporation was transferred to Huvis as of November 1st. Please visit www.huvis.com for more information.

Go to www.huvis.com for more information on industrial fiber.

High Tenacity Yarn

Developed for especially stronger industrial use than for textile fibers, Samyang's high tenacity yarn range from 100 to 8000 denier, including its most demanded 1000 denier. The products are available in the form of untwisted yarn and twisted yarn, assuring the highest quality. The main applications of the high tenacity yarn include broad-woven fabrics for industrial coatings, tarpaulins, webbings, ropes, and conveyor belts, as well as civil engineering materials (geosynthetics).

Specialty of each type
High Tenacity Yarn
Type Characteristics Denier End-uses
921 Ultra Low Shrinkage (1.0%) 1000~2000 Coated Fabrics
901 Ultra Low Shrinkage (1.5%) 1000~2000 Coated Fabrics
891 Ultra Low Shrinkage (1.8%) 250~2000 Coated Fabrics
881/882/883 Premium Low Shrinkage (2.5%)
(with customized entanglement)
250~2000 Coated Fabrics
871/872/873 Standard Low Shrinkage
(with customized entanglement)
220~3000 Coated Fabrics and Fibers, Filtration
861/862/863 Low Shrinkage 250~840 Coated / Laminated Fabrics, Coated
Fibers, Filtration, Battery fabrics
851 High Tenacity Low Shrinkage 150~2000 Sewing Thread, Light conveyor belting,
Swimming Pool, Flexible container, Hoses
841 High Tenacity standard Low
500~2000 Specialized for Construction and Roofing
891LW/871LW/841LW 891 / 871 / 841 + Low wick 500~1000 Coated Fabrics
795 Super High Tenacity High Modulus
100~4000 Geosynthetics
791 Super High Tenacity Yarn 840~4000 Geosynthetics, Narrow Fabrics, Specialty
Rope & Cordage
701/702 Premium High Tenacity 500~4000 Geosynthetics, Narrow Fabrics, Specialty
Rope & Cordage, Hoses
601/602 Standard High Tenacity 250~4000 Narrow Fabrics, Sail cloth
721 High Tenacity + Medium Shrinkage 750~4000 Conveyor belting, Automotive hoses,
Transmission belt
701LF 701 + Low FOY (Finish on yarn) 1000~1500 Tire and Rubber Reinforcement
871AA/851AA/721AA 871 / 851 / 721 + Adhesive
1000~2000 Conveyor belting, Automotive hoses,
Transmission belt