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Samyang Corpotation

Business Introduction

Samyang Corp. is the only domestic maker and seller of ion exchange resins.

In technological alliance with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan launched in 1975, Samyang Corp. engages in producing and selling ion exchange resins, the only maker of it in the country. Samyang Corp. leads the way in developing special-purpose new products and applied technologies in addition to general water treatment ion exchange resins. It is cementing its profile as a leading maker.

Ion exchange resins, beginning with those for water treatment, are expanding into other diverse applied areas, including food, medicines, semiconductors, and catalysts. The markets for ion exchange resins for special refinement, semiconductors, LCD pure water, etc. are ever increasing.

Samyang Corp. domestically produces and sells cation and anion ion exchange resins for water treatment and special refinement. It also imports and sells Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan’s chelate resins, synthetic absorbents, and other DIAION products.

Samyang Corp.’s ion exchange resin TRILITE® is exported to some 23 nations, gaining favorable responses from them. Through Daejeon Chemical Research Center’s R&D activities, we are endeavoring to provide a variety of new ion exchange resin products and services suited to the users’ needs.