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Samyang Obtains 3D Printing NeT Certification Print
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- Development of composite material for 3D printing in collaboration with Hyundai Motors and 3D Factory

- Prints 10-meter-long products +100x faster than conventional 3D printers

- Production of fixtures required for automotive production using 3D printing, speeding up new vehicle development


▲ Team leader Park Sang-hyun of Samyang’s chemical research lab (4th from left) taking a photo with Director Lee Sang-hun (middle) of the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards during the 2021 NeT & NeP Certification Ceremony at The K Hotel Seoul on May 20.


Samyang obtained New Excellent Technology (NeT) certification from the government for new technology related to 3D printing using open innovation plastics engineering technology. NeT certifications are awarded by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy to innovative technologies that improve or supplement technologies that are newly developed in Korea or already available, and certified products receive various benefits such as loans, tax reduction, and market distribution.


Samyang (CEO: Kang Ho-sung) announced developing an integrated 3D printing technology for laminating and cutting polycarbonate (PC)/carbon fabric (CF) composite material for automotive part fixture (checking fixture) with Hyundai Motors and 3D Factory as well as receiving NeT certification by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards on the 21st. A fixture is a measurement tool for checking if the parts are manufactured according to blueprints.


The recently approved new technology combined Samyang’s PC composite material for 3D printing with Hyundai Motors and 3D Factory’s 3D printing technology for automotive production to create fixtures required for automotive production using 3D printers. Samyang discovered a large-product printing material development idea from their internal venture promotion program and support the commercialization of related ideas for 14 months.


Although conventional 3D printers had slow printing speeds while producing small results, the new technology can print products of up to 10 meters over 100 times faster than existing 3D printers, which can be used in various cases. Also, precise processing of products less than 0.2 mm is possible, which allows the manufacture of precise fixtures for mid-to-large size parts.


If extra precise fixture production becomes possible using this new technology, it is expected to reduce the development speed of new vehicles. Up to now, whenever a new part was created, a new fixture was required, which was one of the reasons adversely affecting new vehicle development. Although existing fixtures required more than 1 month starting from its design to actual application, fixtures created using the new technology took 50% less time with 30% less expenditure.


An official from Samyang stated, “We succeeded in developing PC composite material for 3D printing based on existing compound and composite technology of our company,” and added, “We were able to greatly reduce the commercialization speed of this technology thanks to active cooperation with related companies.”


On the other hand, the polycarbonate composite material for 3D printing that was developed initially started as a new business idea from Samyang’s internal venture promotion program Growth Talk. Samyang Group receives and reviews new business idea propositions, and supports funds and mentoring, etc. for test product manufacturing and commercialization.

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