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Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division Acquires Approval for Cosmetic Surgery Filler ‘Lafullen’ Print
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- Acquired the first approval for PCL filler among South Korean companies; long-lasting and natural volume

- Different from existing PCL fillers with patented technology through its proven safety and effects through clinical tests

- To be launched in domestic and overseas markets next March and expand its application to other facial areas as well as laugh lines


▲ Product packaging of Lafullen, the cosmetic surgery filler developed by Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division



Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division enters the cosmetic surgery filler market in full swing.


Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division (CEO: Eum Tae-woong) announced on Nov. 30 that it became the first company in Korea to acquire the approval for ‘Lafullen,’ a facial surgery filler that has polycaprolactone (PCL), a medical biodegradable polymer material, as the main ingredient.


Until now, imported PCL fillers were used in the domestic market. However, ‘Lafullen’ is the first PCL-based filler made by a domestic company to acquire approval. The name Lafullen comes from German words ‘lauter (pure)’ and ‘füllen (fill, full),’ meaning ‘fill with purity.’


Facial filler is an injectable component that alleviates wrinkles and improves volume by injecting ingredients that are safe to the human body under the subcutaneous layer. Currently, the filler market is dominated by HA-based products that fill up hyaluronic acid under the wrinkles. However, they only last for six to twelve months. On the other hand, PCL fillers offer more natural effects and last for more than two years, which is comparably longer than HA filler products.


Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceutical Division developed a PCL filler product with enhanced volume persistence and safety based on its 20-years of experience in handling polymer materials acquired from its biodegradable stitching fiber, and completed clinical tests last year. In particular, a unique patented technology that makes PCL to porous particles has been applied to Lafullen to offer less irritation and more natural volume.


A quantitative analysis of Lafullen’s corrective effects on wrinkles around the nose and lips (laugh line) was implemented using a 3D scanner in a clinical test that ran for twelve months from October 2018 at Chung-Ang University Hospital. The result showed that volume is safely and stably maintained in the early, mid, and later stages after the treatment, offering immediate improvements in volume. The company, considering the characteristic of PCL filler that offers effects that last more than two years, is conducting an additional twelve-month clinical test to test the product’s long-term safety and efficacy evaluations. Through additional clinical tests, the company plans to secure long-term data of more than two years for the product’s safety and persistence to differentiate their latest product from existing filler products.


An official from Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceutical Division said, “Lafullen is a product born from the collection of Samyang Holdings’ biodegradable polymer technologies. It has superior effects compared to existing fillers in terms of its volume persistence and safety, meeting the market needs.”


Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceutical Division plans to attend major cosmetic surgery conferences in Korea and overseas to introduce Lafullen, and propose safe and effective treatments in collaboration with cosmetic surgery specialists. Furthermore, it is aiming to acquire a Europe CE certificate to expand tor overseas markets.


Meanwhile, Samyang Holdings Biopharmaceuticals Division entered the cosmetic surgery market with the launch of ‘Croquis,’ a cosmetic lifting thread, and is implementing data-driven marketing strategies to overcome the disadvantages of a latecomer. The company plans to secure additional clinical data for Lafullen, their latest development, to continuously check for its efficacy and safety, and verify its applicability to wrinkles in other facial areas, such as the nose and lips.

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