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Samyang Group Donates KRW 300 Million to the CCK for the Underprivileged Print
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Samyang Group (Samyang Holdings Chairman: Kim Yoon) revealed on December 29 that it donated KRW 300 million to the Community Chest of Korea (CCK) to help the underprivileged.


Each Samyang affiliate, namely Samyang Holdings, Samyang Packaging and Samyang Innochem, donated KRW 100 million for the donation, which is expected to support the basic cost of living, education expenses, improvement of living environment and necessary medical fees for the underprivileged. Samyang Group has been donating to the underprivileged through the CCK every year since 2001.


An official from Samyang Holdings said, “We hope that the donation that came from the sincere hearts of Samyang Group’s executives and employees can, in some way, help those who are suffering due to the prolonged COVID-19 situation.”


Meanwhile, Samyang Group is taking the lead in fulfilling its social responsibilities by donating both financial support and goods. Last year in March during the start of the pandemic, Samyang Group gave a considerable donation of financial support and goods worth KRW 150 million to the Korean Red Cross. This year in April, it donated KRW 900 million worth of makeup to the Beautiful Store. The makeup it donated were provided to vulnerable social groups like homeless people, low-income families, etc.


In addition, Samyang Group is also partaking in support projects for scholarships, fundamental science and humanities through two student aid foundations, Yangyoung Foundation and Sudang Foundation, reflecting its philosophy for social contribution: “Opportunities to Make Your Dreams Come True .” Sudang Foundation is currently managing the Sudang Prize and selected recipients who achieved great accomplishments in the field of fundamental science, applied science, as well as humanities and social science, and gave them each a plaque and prize money worth KRW 200 million. Until now, both foundations have been providing scholarships and research grants to about 23,000 students, 700 professors and research organizations.

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