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Samyang Corporation’s AM BU Website Wins Grand Prize in the Chemical Category of “Web Award Korea” Print
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- High evaluation of content excellence, UI design, and more in six categories by a panel of internet experts

- AM BU opened a website dedicated to EP to overcome the limitations of face-to-face sales and discover global customers

- Improved accessibility for customers by optimizing the search system and screen configuration, such as material characteristics and solutions

▲ Photo of Samyang Corporation’s AM BU website



Samyang Corporation won two awards at the Web Award Korea 2021.

Samyang Corporation (President Kang Ho-sung), a food and chemical affiliate of Samyang Group, announced on December 30 that “AM BU website” and “specialty platform” won the grand prizes at Web Award Korea 2021 in the chemical and food material category, respectively.



Web Award Korea, hosted by the Korea Internet Professionals Association (Chairman Ko, Kyung-kon), selects and awards the most innovative and excellent website by evaluating six categories, including visual design, UI design and service of websites run in Korea, through a panel of 4,000 domestic internet experts. Celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, Web Award Korea was participated by 691 businesses in 13 categories and 74 fields.



In June, Samyang Corporation opened a website dedicated to engineering plastic (EP) to overcome the limitations of face-to-face sales and discover global prospects. This website is the only website among domestic chemical companies that provides a comparison of physical properties, and when clients set a category according to needs by materials, brands, properties and purposes for over 300 sorts of products by Samyang Corporation, they can check actual applications with the product descriptions. They can also compare the detailed physical properties of the materials applied to the case through the ‘Compare’ function. In particular, if they click on the image related to the industry, such as home appliances, automobiles, mobile devices and industrial materials, it shows recommended materials so that clients can easily find ones that match their needs.



The judges that examined the AM BU website said, “The elaborately configured digital showroom content made us feel like we’re at the actual showroom. The use of blue colors expressed the image of a chemical brand in a sophisticated way,” and gave high scores for content excellence and UI design.



An official from Samyang Corporation said, “We have improved the accessibility of our customers by optimizing the search system and screen configuration so that information about products, such as properties and solutions for each material, can be easily found. We will continue to strive to create values for our clients in times of non-face-to-face sales and discover potential customers.”



Samyang Corporation’s AM BU is supplying various compound products based on EP to domestic and foreign home appliances and automobile industries. A compound is a high value-added product that mixes two or more materials (resin, additive, reinforcing agent, etc.) to realize the physical properties demanded by customers.



Meanwhile, judges for the specialty platform of Samyang Corporation’s food business said, “We could quickly access product information according to the needs of each user based on materials, categories and concepts. Detailed contents on product utilization, such as sugar and dietary fiber calculation, are outstanding.” Samyang Corporation’s specialty platform also won the grand prize in food materials category with high scores in content excellence.

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