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Online Commemoration of the First-Year Anniversary of the Deceased Kim Sang-ha, Honorary Chairman of Samyang Group Print
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- Online commemoration to take place until the 23rd through commemorative video

- Devoted his life for the development of society while serving as a chairman of around 100 organizations

- Fostered new talents and promoted learning while serving as a chairman of scholarship foundation


▲ Online commemoration of the first-year anniversary of the deceased Kim Sang-ha, honorary chairman of Samyang Group, took place. The photo was captured from the video



An online commemoration of Kim Sang-ha, honorary chairman of Samyang Group who passed away on January 20, 2021 at the age of 95, will take place.


Samyang Group (Chairman: Kim Yoon) announced on January 20 that the online ceremony to commemorate the first-year anniversary of the deceased honorary chairman Kim will take place until the 23rd. 7-minute-long commemorative video of Kim and his quotations can be checked on the Samyang Group website.


Starting with Kim’s word, “I am greatly responsible for the matters of this company; and therefore, I examine myself three times a day,” the video portrayed Kim’s lifetime who devoted his life to the company, including his management philosophy as well as social contribution activities.


Putting a great emphasis on on-site management and R&D innovation, Kim led the company by taking charge of adopting new technology and equipment when the group entered into new markets. His management philosophy of industrial patriotic spirit can be seen from the video. The video shed a new light on his devotion to country and society through social contribution activities and fostering of new talents. Having been appointed as the chairman of Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 12 years, Kim served as a chairman of around 100 organizations, including Korea Japan Economic Association, Pan-national Promotion Commission for Second National Foundation, Korea Basketball Association, and Korea Environmental Preservation Association, thereby greatly contributing to the development of culture, physical training and society. He also served as the chairman of Haseo Foundation and sought ways to foster talents and promote learning and scientific and technological development. Kim who paid an on-site visit to business sites of Samyang and interacted with employees can be seen in the video as well.


Born in 1926 in Seoul as the fifth-born of 7 sons and 6 daughters of Kim Yeon-su (pen name: Sudang), Kim studied politics at the Seoul National University, graduated in 1949, and began his career in Samyang. After joining the company, he led the new industry of introducing technology and equipment regarding sugar refinery and polyester and supervised on-site plant business. While serving as the CEO and chairman of Samyang Group, Kim led the company to enter into terephthalic acid (TPA), a main raw material for polyester fiber, engineering plastic, starch and starch sugars markets and expanded the company’s portfolio into food and chemical industry. He also prepared for Samyang’s future growth engine by entering into packaging and biotechnology market around the time he became the group’s chairman in 1996.


An official from Samyang Group said, “Honorary Chairman Kim Sang-ha devoted his life to make the country strong while practicing the virtue of moderation and modesty. We will follow his footsteps and prepare the next century of Samyang Group.”


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