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Activity News
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Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp. Participates in MDS Awareness Walk

▲ Hyun-Jung Hele Lee, vice president of Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp, (on the right) posing
in photo zone with a sponsorship plaque.


▲The MDS Awareness Walk


Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp. sponsored and participated in “5K MDS Awareness Walk” event to give hope and courage to patients suffering from Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) on July 20th, 2018 in Boston


This ‘Walk’ event is hosted by a non-profit organization, “The MDS foundation”, which was established by an international group of physicians and researchers devoted to the support and education of patients and healthcare providers with innovative research in the fields of MDS and related myeloid neoplasms in order to accelerate progress leading to the control and cure of these diseases.


Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corp., the only Korean company to participate in this fund-raising walk event, is currently in the process of setting up an overseas corporation in Boston with a goal of opening its business in August this year. This newly established corporation will not only be a catalyst for networking with global companies and research institutes, but also for finding and introducing technologies and materials that are candidates for new medicines that help cure rare and incurable diseases.

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