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Compared with general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics offer outstanding transparency, heat resistance, and mechanical features, allowing them to be used as materials for electrical/electronic automotive, and mechanical parts as well as for optical uses. As such, they are high-function, sophisticated materials.

Application TV Item TV & Monitor
Brand TRILOY Base Resin PC/ABS
Reinforced / general Reinforced Flame-retardant / non-flame-retardant Flame-retardant
Grade (product name) 210GNH10 MSDS(KOR) file download _GHS_MSDS_TRILOY 210GNH10 BK 6909E(KOR).pdf
TDS N/A RoHS file download (RoHS)TRILOY 210GNH10 BK.PDF
MSDS(ENG) file download _GHS_MSDS_TRILOY 210GNH10 BK_6909E_(EN).pdf etc N/A
Characteristic High Flow, High Modulus (HDT : 100), V-1 @ 2.0mm