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Samyang Corpotation

Chemical Research Center

Since it launched the Comprehensive Research Center in Jeonju Plant in 1979, Samyang has carried out R&D on medicines, medical devices, chemistry, and industrial materials.
Chemical Research Center

Along with the Comprehensive Research Center established in Jeonju Plant in 1979, Samyang began to build up its R&D capabilities to leap forward as a world-class company. To expand into future-oriented sophisticated areas and to solidify its growth base, Samyang relocated its research center to Daedeok Science Town in 1993. To date, Samyang has engaged in R&D on medicines, medical devices, chemistry, and industrial materials.

By conducting research on the synthesis and processing of engineering plastics such as PC, PBT, and PET, we are developing sophisticated new materials. We developed a high-flow PC through synthetic technologies for achieving lightweight and small-sized materials, a branched PC with enhanced formability in the state of being molten, and excellent silicon polycarbonate polymers that are low-temperature high-impact, flame-resistant, and anti-chemical. Using these base resins and compound technologies, we developed sophisticated engineering plastics with the properties of high heat resistance, safety against ultraviolet rays, etc.

For ion exchange resins, we are also researching on and developing super-pure-water ion exchange resins for LCDs and semiconductors. Expanding further into other research areas, we are actively developing ion exchange resins as catalysts.

Based on its long-standing accumulated key capabilities, Samyang is striving to develop new
technologies and new products to make our customers’ lives abundant and convenient.

Major Research Areas

Major Research Areas
Category Research areas
Engineering plastics High-performance/high-functional
polycarbonate development
Super EP development
Eco-friendly bioplastic development
LED material
Metal substituting material
Composite material Long Fiber Reinforced Thermo Plastics
Ion resins Ion exchange resins as catalysts: Etherification/ aromatic alkylation/ phenol purification
Chelate resins: Selective removal of boron/fluorine/heavy metals
Absorbent resins: For
chemicals/ refinement of hydrogen peroxide/ refinement of proteins
Drinking water: Removal of nitrate nitrogen
White biotechnology Isosorbide
Isosorbide derivatives

History of the Research Center

  • 2016

    NovIndustrial fiber technology transferred to Huvis

    JulyBiopharmaceuticals Research Center relocated to Samyang Discovery

    JanWhite biotechnology sector relocated to Chemical Research Center in Daejeon

  • 2012

    NovDeveloped silicon polycarbonate

  • 2011

    JulyNew Materials Research Center renamed Chemical Research Center, thereby integrating the
       researches on industrial-material technologies and ion resins

  • 2010

    NovEarned ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certification (New Materials Research Center)

    JanChemical Synthesis Research Center renamed New Materials Research Center

  • 2009

    SepDeveloped/commercialized printer toner binder resins

  • 2008

    DecTRIGRID® EX product earned Japan’s PWRC certification

  • 2007

    DecEarned ISO/TS 16949 certification (Chemical Synthesis Research Center)

    AprTRIGRID® EX product earned CE certification (Industrial Materials Technology Research Center)

    MarLocally developed automotive part CVJB material, the first of its kind in the country
    (Chemical Synthesis Research Center)

    FebObtained General Motors’ approval of our global materials (3 materials: PC, PC/ABS, TPEE)
    (Chemical Synthesis Research Center)

    FebUnveiled Genexol-PM™ (next-generation anti-cancer drug Paclitaxel injection)

    JanTRIGRID® EX Plant earned ISO9001 certification (Industrial Materials Research Center)

  • 2006

    NovDesignated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, selected as Medical Cluster Business Center
    (Seoul Asan Medical Center Medical Research Center)

    NovHeld SPE (Society of Polymer Engineering) Korea (Chemical Synthesis Research Center)

    JanTRIGRID® EX product earned GCI-PCP certification (Industrial Materials Research Center)

    JanCentral R&D Center was divided into medical, chemical synthesis, and industrial-material
    technology research centers

  • 2004

    NovHeld a symposium in celebration of Samyang Corp.’s anniversary

    JunSamyang Corp.’s geo-grid earned the reliability certification of the Ministry of Commerce,Industry, and

  • 2003

    MayReshuffled the research organization, adopted a program unit, and established research planning and
    clinical pharmacology teams

  • 2002

    JunSamyang Corp.’s geo-grid was selected as a recipient of the 100 Best Patented Products Award
    (KIPO, Hankook Ilbo newspaper)

    AprEstablished the medical R&D corporation Samyang Research Corporation (Utah, USA)

    MarThe poorly water-soluble drug-containing system won the Ji Seok-yeong Award in the
    patent technology category (KIPO, JoongAng Ilbo newspaper)

  • 2001

    JunEstablished the joint venture Digital Optronics Corp. (Florida, USA)

  • 2000

    OctCentral R&D Center renamed Samyang Central R&D Center

    MayCentral R&D Center and Medical Research Center integrated into Central R&D Center

  • 1997

    OctWon the Jang Eun Technology Award (PET family high-elasticity yarn NEOPA)

    MayWon the Jang Yeong-sil Award (bio-absorbable suture TRISORB)

  • 1995

    FebHeld an international symposium

  • 1994

    OctOur suture won the Patented Technology Award.

  • 1993

    AugRelocated to Daedeok Science Town

  • 1992

    SepRenamed Samyang Group Central R&D Center and established Medical Research Center

    AprWon the Industrial Meritorious Silver Medal Award in the technological-development category on Science

  • 1986

    OctSelected as a special military-service-awarded research institute

    JanWon the Industrial Meritorious Gold Medal for its development of outstanding technologies

  • 1981

    OctQualified to establish an in-house research center (Ministry of Science and Technology)

  • 1979

    AprEstablished Samyang Comprehensive Research Center