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EMS provides the service related to the development of materials for displays, semiconductors, and IT

Over Coat

Over Coat

What is Overcoat?Overcoat, located between color filter and ITO layer, is used for planarization of height variation from pixel to pixel. Overcoat can also protect the color filter pixels from degradation in ITO and column spacer manufacturing process.

What is our pro\duct of Over Coat?

Introduction of SOC

SOC series are UV curable or thermal curable overcoat materials for color filter and touch sensor manufacturing. SOC series show excellent transmittance (over 98%), hardness, adhesion on glass and metal substrates and planarization capability.


Over coat
  SOC series Remark
Viscosity 4~20mPa.s Adjustable
Photosensitivity 50~200mJ/㎠ G,H,I-line broad band(@2~5/㎛ Thickness)
Transmittance > 98% @400㎚ wavelength/ 2㎛ Thickness
Thermal stability > 320℃ 5wt% Loss
Adhesion 100 / 100 On Glass, Metal
RoHS Pass  
Halogen Free  

Process Conditions

  • Coating:spin or coating, adjustable
  • Pre-bake:90℃~110℃ on Hot plate
  • Film Thickness:2.0~5.0 ㎛
  • Exposure:50~20mJ/㎠, G H, I-line broad band
  • Development:0.045% KOH/0.8% TMAH, Adjustable
  • Rinse:D.I. water, spray
  • Post-bake:220 ℃ ~ 230 ℃ in Convection Oven


Pattern Profile (After Post-bake)

30㎛ Contact Hole

30㎛ Contact Hole


透过度 : Wavelength (㎚), Transmittance(%)


Glass 100/100, Metal 100/100


Application Overcoat TFT - LCD, Touch Screen Panel