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Samyang Corporation’s Advanced Material Business Unit (AM BU) supplies engineering plastic products, including PC, PBT, TPEE, and M-PET, and various compound products made from base materials such as PC, PBT, PMMA and PET to customers in Korea and abroad.

We deliver customer satisfaction by enhancing the industrial structure with the development of core materials used in the automobile, electrical/electronic, medical and security industries and continuously expand our overseas production hubs. We are also preparing for the future by broadening our research to areas such as lightweight automobile materials, metal alternatives, eco-friendly materials.

  • Since


    Jeonju EP Plant

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    advanced materials

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    Global offices,
    subsidiaries, plants

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    Annual production
    capacity of five plants

Areas of

Engineering plastics are used as high-tech materials for automobile, electrical/electronic and mechanical components.

Samyang Corporation’s AM BU helps customers to maximize their productivity by offering a lineup of high-functionality materials for their innovative products.

Explore the wide selection of engineering plastic products
at AM BU’s website.

AM BU Website

Overseas Production

Samyang Engineering Plastics (Shanghai)

Samyang Engineering Plastics (Shanghai) based in Qingpu Industrial Area in Shanghai, China, is an engineering plastic compound company established with 100% equity investment by Samyang Corporation.

131, Shuangying Road, Qingpu Industrial Area, Qingpu County, Shanghai, China


Samyang EP Hungary

Samyang EP Hungary has the production capacity to produce 15,000 tons of PC, Metalinus and SI-PC compounds a year. It produces and sells engineering plastics with a high level of chemical resistance, wear resistance and flame resistance used for electrical/electronic products, automobile parts and office supplies.

H-5100 Jaszbereny Necso Telep 1.


Samyang EP Vietnam

Samyang EP Vietnam has the production capacity for electrical/electronic, automobile PC, ABS, and PBT compounds. Acting as the production and sales hub for expanding our market share in Southeast Asia, it is working on broadening our reach beyond Vietnam to other Southeast Asian regions and India.

Song Hanh Road, Nhon Trach 6 Industrial Zone, Long Tho Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam


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