Ingredients that add value to life

Samyang Corporation consists of the Chemical Business and Food Business.
We operate our business across the globe through our overseas production subsidiaries
and offices.


Strengthening our competitiveness
to lead the global market

We are resolute in our determination to improve our business value with global materials
and offer a healthy and happy lifestyle to our customers.

Chemical Business Global Biz Partner

We strive to develop better materials to bring more value into our everyday life. Every improvement in Samyang’s materials, which serve as the solid foundation in our daily life, will add abundance and convenience to our lifestyle.

Food Business No. 1 Food & Service Innovator

As the emerging global solution provider in the health and nutrition area, we develop high added-value food ingredients and offer first-rate food service distribution and consumer goods.


Offering specialty materials
and solutions

Our goal is to achieve robust growth in our core businesses, secure the foundation for future growth in our new business areas, and record an annual growth of more than 10%. By achieving these goals, we will reach our higher objective of becoming an innovative global R&D company.

Based on the core competencies gained over years of experience, Samyang Corporation’s Chemical Division is focused on developing new technologies and products with the aim to add abundance and convenience to the life of our customers.

Chemical R&D

Samyang Corporation's Food Division is determined to strengthen its foothold in the global market based on a business portfolio mainly consisting of high added-value products and differentiated R&D capabilities.

Food R&D

100th anniversary logo

100th anniversary logo

Samyang Group's identity for the company's 100th anniversary embodies the spirit of driving
toward the next generation while remaining true to its long-standing legacy.

CEO Message

Securing a strong foundation for sustainable growth and global manufacturing

Welcome to Samyang Corporation’s website. I am Ho-sung Kang, the CEO of Samyang Corporation’s Chemical Division.

Samyang Corporation’s Chemical Division produces chemical materials used for multiple purposes, ranging from engineering plastic (EP) to polycarbonate, BPA, and high-purity terephthalic acid (TPA). Moving beyond the domestic market, we established Samyang Engineering Plastics (Shanghai) in China in 2004 to produce EP compounds, and Samyang EP Hungary in 2010, gaining a foothold in the European market.

We are also deeply invested in diversifying our business areas. By expanding our business to the fast-growing electronic materials area, we are currently supplying photoresist, the main material for liquid-crystal displays, and organic chemical products for displays, such as organic insulating layers, to domestic and overseas companies. It is also noteworthy that we are the only company in Korea to produce and sell ion-exchange resins.

Our goal at the Chemical Division is to secure a strong foundation for sustainable growth and global manufacturing to produce high-quality products. We are committed to offering first-rate products to the world following our vision of “Ingredients that add value to life” based on our strong determination to innovate and take on new challenges. Ultimately, we aim to build a rewarding workplace for our employees and become a global company that provides a higher level of satisfaction to our customers by offering the best products and services.

Ho-sung Kang

CEO of Samyang Corporation

CEO Message

Renewed endeavors to emerge as an innovative global R&D company

Welcome to Samyang Corporation’s website. I am Naghyun Choi, the CEO of Samyang Corporation’s Food Division.

As the precursor of Samyang Group, Samyang Corporation’s Food Division has a long history of business operation. Marking its official start with the production of Samyang Sugar in December 1955, our food business eventually expanded to flour and cooking oil products. With the launch of Q.one, our comprehensive food brand in 2002, we have received consistent appreciation from our customers for our diverse and reliable products.

Samyang Corporation’s Food Division is dedicated to further strengthening our competitive edge. We carry out joint product development projects with our customers focusing on basic food ingredients, such as sugar, flour, starch sugar and processed oils/fats, and serve as the Total Solution Provider with a business strategy of developing and suggesting new products to our customers. In addition, we are devoted to creating value as the No. 1 Food & Service Innovator by expanding our new business areas, including services for restaurant owners and distribution of confectionery and restaurant ingredients.

Samyang Corporation’s Food Division will march forward to build a better future based on our innovation efforts and entrepreneurial spirit and emerge as an innovative global R&D company. We look forward to your continued encouragement and unstinting support. Thank you.

Naghyun Choi

CEO of Samyang Corporation

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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