Food R&D Center


Drive future growth with new ingredients and
develop products that create greater synergy
with our customers.

Samyang’s food business strives to become the Total Solution Provider using world-class R&D capabilities in areas such as research in biotechnology-based specialty ingredients and development of differentiated products.

R&D Mission

Global Solution Provider
in the Health and Nutrition Area

  • Expansion of Bio-specialty Business

    Secure leadership in specialty products by
    finding ingredients for the
    biotechnology-based food market
    (sugar reduction, bio-nutrients, etc.)

  • Basic Ingredients

    Research ways to add higher value to Samyang’s
    basic ingredients, such as starch sugar,
    starch, oils/fats, and flour.

  • Continuous Growth of
    Food Service Distribution

    Improve the competency of food products to
    keep up with the current food trends:
    Frozen dough, sauces, processed meat, etc.

  • Expansion of H&W Business

    Focus on developing functional products and
    products that improve customer convenience.

Food R&D

Our Food R&D center aims to offer differentiated values to our customers, develop new products, and secure our future growth engine.

Samyang Corporation’s Food R&D Center develops and commercializes specialty ingredients using advanced biotechnology, provides “spec-in” products and technology support for our customers utilizing basic ingredients, and researches diverse health and wellness (H&W) products that add abundance to life.

Its current focus is on improving our biotechnology (enzyme development and fermentation) to develop specialty ingredients (sugar reduction, bio-nutrients, etc.) that reflect the current market trends.

Taking a step further from providing customized products, the Food R&D Center is also developing products for preemptive suggestion to our customers to meet their various needs in advance.

The center is committed to providing a total solution from basic research on food to technical support for our customers by building on our knowledge in basic ingredients, such as sugar, flour, and oil, and specialty ingredients.

Samyang Corporation’s Food R&D Center aims to offer differentiated values and high added-value solutions to our customers throughout all areas of the food industry. It is taking a step closer every day to making Samyang Corporation the “No. 1 Food & Service Innovator” by conducting industry-leading R&D efforts and securing the future growth engine for the next 100 years.

Research Areas

  • Biotechnology

    Enzyme development, fermentation

  • Ingredient Development

    New ingredients and process development

  • Customized Products

    Starch sugar, starch, flour, premix, oils/fats, frozen dough, sauce, processed meat

  • H&W Products

    EASY TOMORROW, homemade mix, premium sweetener


  • Basic Ingredients Starch, Starch sweetener, oils/fats, flour, premix
    1. Spec-in product development through applied research
    2. Solutions customized to each customer (including technical support)
  • Specialty Ingredients Nexweet® Allulose, Fiberest™ Resistant Dextrin, Kestose
    1. Development of proprietary enzyme using biotechnology
    2. Leading the market by acquiring differentiated functional ingredients
  • H&W Products EASY TOMORROW, Q.One Homemade
    1. Development of high-quality effectiveness-focused products
    2. Products designed to improve user convenience
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Posted on March 28, 2023

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