Food Business

Food Service Distribution

With a foundation in our food ingredients, such as sugar, flour, and oils/fats, Samyang Corporation’s food service distribution business provides a one-stop distribution service for various products to bakery, cafe and restaurant owners. We offer professional and sophisticated products for bakeries, Western and Chinese restaurants, and cafes by purchasing and sourcing high-quality products from our market-leading partners around the world.


We expanded our business scope to food service distribution offered to food and ingredient distributors, wholesale and retail food suppliers,
and franchise restaurants.

We are committed to becoming the “Customer Success Partner” who supports the success of our clients by providing a one-stop service for various products using our existing product line of high-quality basic ingredients, such as sugar, wheat and oils/fats.

  • Global Sourcing

  • Existing Manufacturing
    Technology for
    Key Products

  • Collaboration
    with Competent
    Korean Partners

Offering the Best Solution
for Food Service Distribution

  • Privately-owned restaurants

  • Food ingredient distributors

  • Franchise

  • Food catering

We are dedicated to grow together with our customers
as their trustworthy “Total Solution Provider”
for high-quality food ingredients and services.

We offer reliable products and professional customized solutions with the best prices.

Total Solution Provider

  • Reliable products

  • Professional
    customized solutions

  • Best price

  • Strict management of food hygiene

  • Manufacturing and R&D of key products

  • Business program for joint growth with customers

  • Global sourcing



The name of Samyang Corporation’s food service distribution brand, ServeQ, signifies our commitment to offer premium quality products and services to our customers in a safe and swift manner.

Born out of Samyang Corporation’s corporate vision of “Ingredients that add value to life,” ServeQ strives to offer the best food service distribution solutions for the flawless and safe success of our customers.
We are committed to providing reliable products along with professional and customized solutions that meet the needs of our customers with the best prices we can offer. We aim to become the Total Solution Provider of reliable food service distribution and achieve continuous growth with our customers.



Explore our wide variety of food products
and ingredients, which offer
highly-competent features based on
strict quality management.

Support Service

  • Strict Food Hygiene Management

    We provide safe food through strict management of food hygiene.

  • Global Sourcing

    By sourcing products globally, we support our customers to purchase and use the products they need with convenience.

  • Manufacturing and R&D of Key Products

    We offer customized solutions and services to help our customers solve various business-related issues.

  • Customer Support Service

    ServeQ’s customer support service is aimed at strengthening the business competitiveness and expertise of our customers to achieve joint growth. We offer a specialized total service for managing a food business, including menu training/development, business assessment, hygiene management, and marketing support. We also host confectionery and bakery knowhow seminars in major cities across the country on a regular basis throughout the year to help strengthen the competency of small neighborhood bakery owners and confectioners who struggle with developing new products and carrying out marketing activities on their own.

    1. Cooking - Menu development and cooking support service
    2. Purchase - Purchase service for food/kitchen products, restaurant equipment
    3. Marketing - Promotion, marketing, customer management
    4. Business Management - Overall business management support in areas including legal, tax, finance, hygiene, and employee training
  • Logistics System

    ServeQ uses its own advanced logistics centers across the country to supply food products safely to our customers.

  • Homemade Plaza & ServeQ Chef Plaza

    Q.One Homemade Plaza and ServeQ Chef Plaza are venues where we host menu development sessions and business seminars for restaurant owners. We offer cooking demonstration and practice sessions for confectionery, bakery, dessert, Western and Chinese foods, and customers can try out various activities designed to support their business success with the guidance of our experts.

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