We practice transparent management
to build a trustworthy and reliable company.

With a strong determination to achieve stable business management and protect shareholder rights, we strive to create a transparent business environment by practicing ethical management and corporate compliance, and establish a sustainable business management framework based on the correct governance structure.

Board of

Samyang Corporation is devoted to enhancing our corporate value and protecting
the rights and interests of our shareholders as well as other stakeholders.

Samyang Corporation’s Board of Directors is responsible for making important decisions regarding requirements stipulated by the law or the articles of association, matters delegated by the shareholders’ general meeting, and major items related to the basic corporate management and business operation principles. It also manages and supervises the work of the executive management.

ESG Rating

Samyang Corporation received the following rating from KCGS.

We will strengthen our efforts to raise our ESG rating by continuously improving our governance structure and creating a transparent business environment.

보고서 테이블
Year Integrated
2023 B+ A+ A B
2022 B+ B+ A B
2021 A A A B+


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee audits accounting and business activities, and reviews and makes decisions regarding matters delegated by the Board of Directors. It supervises the job performance of directors and the executive management to ensure that they make sensible business decisions.

Committee Members

The Audit Committee consists of at least three directors in accordance with the Commercial Act, the articles of association, and the Audit Committee regulations, and at least two-thirds of the total members are outside directors, and includes at least one accounting or financial expert.

  • Kwang Kim, committee chairman
    (outside director)

    Ok-Kyung Yang, committee member
    (outside director)

  • Dae-Houn Lee, committee member
    (outside director)

Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee

The Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee participates in the review of business management policies in an objective and fair manner, and recommends and decides outside director candidates who can supervise and support the executive management as a member of the Board of Directors.

Committee Members

In accordance with the Commercial Act and the regulations of the Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee, the Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee consists of Chairman Ryang Kim, who is an inside director, and two outside directors, so that outside directors are a majority of the total members.

  • Ryang Kim, committee chairman
    (Inside director)

    Min-Jae Ko, committee member
    (outside director)

  • Jin-Byung Park, committee member
    (outside director)

ESG Committee

ESG committees strategically drive and review the company's environmental, social and governance action plans. In addition, performance and improvement measures related to ESG factors are reviewed and approved to ensure the company's sustainable growth.

Committee Members

According to regulations, the ESG Committee consists of a Chairman Ho-Sung Kang, who is an internal director and three outside directors.

  • Ho-Sung Kang,
    committee chairman
    (Inside director)

    Dae-Houn Lee,
    committee member
    (outside director)

  • Min-Jae Ko,
    committee member
    (outside director)

    Jin-Byung Park,
    committee member
    (outside director)

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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