Ion Exchange Resin

Since starting commercial production in 1976, Samyang Corporation still holds the position as the only ion exchange resin producer in Korea. Initially used for water treatment, ion exchange resins are now used for a wider variety of purposes, such as food, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and catalysts, with continuous growth in the market for special purification and ultrapure water for semiconductors, LCDs and OLEDs.

Samyang Corporation has developed ultrapure-water-grade ion exchange resins since 2011 and contributed to strengthening the competitiveness of the semiconductor and display industries. In 2016, we completed the largest production plant for uniform-particle-sized ion exchange resins (Samyang Fine Technology) in Asia, gradually expanding our share in the premium ion exchange resins market for power plants, ultrapure water and chromatography.

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Our products are used for water treatment
and substance separation or purification.

Ion exchange resins are synthetic resins with the ability to exchange ions.
Samyang Corporation is the one and only ion exchange resin producer in Korea.

Areas of

We are leading the development of resins for ultrapure water and special purposes and the advancement of application technologies.

Ion exchange resins are applied in various areas, including water treatment, power plants, food and pharmaceuticals. Notably, there is increasing demand in the area of ultrapure water used in the production of semiconductors and displays.

Explore the wide selection of ion exchange resin products
at Samyang TRILITE’s website.



Samyang Fine Technology (Uniform-Particle-Sized Resins)

Samyang Fine Technology, based in Gunsan, is a subsidiary established to produce uniform-particle-sized ion exchange resins. It is the largest single plant in Asia, which is highly recognized by the customers for its rigorous quality management and on-time supply.

63, Jayumuyeok 1-gil, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea


Ulsan Plant (Ultrapure Water/Order-Made/Special Products)

Samyang Corporation's Ulsan Plant produces a variety of customized ion exchange resins (tailored resins). The plant also produces ultrapure water resins (semiconductors), order-made resins (starch sugar, nucleic acid, catalysts, etc.), special resins (chelate, synthetic absorbents, etc.) and offers various products to expand the ion exchange resin market.

285, Jangsaengpo-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan, Korea


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Posted on March 28, 2023

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