Prepare for the present and future of Samyang Corporation through research and development

Samyang Chemical R&D has a deep passion for intensive research and its applications along with digitalization. We are strongly committed to achieving technological convergence and developing new technologies to take our business to the highest ranks and to prepare for our future.

A global specialist that develops high
value-added materials and solutions

  • Stable revenue stream

    Establish a stable revenue stream in the existing
    core businesses by focusing on engineering plastics

  • Shifting the main source of growth

    Revise business portfolios to be
    centered on specialty solutions

  • Next-generation growth engine

    Secure new technologies for
    environmentally-friendly areas, mobility/energy,
    semiconductors, and personal care

  • Expanding into the global market

    Develop top-tier technologies targeting the global market, and reinforce the technology network

Research Areas

  • Eco-friendly

    Bio-based compounds


    Isosorbide-based derivatives

    Thermoplastic starch (TPS)

    Mechanical recycling of plastic waste

    Recycled PC compounds

    Recycled PBT compounds

    Recycled fishing net PA compounds

    Chemical recycling of plastic waste


  • Electronic Materials

    Raw materials for electronic materials

    Raw materials for KrF PR (polymer, PAG, etc.)

    Raw materials for ArF PR (polymer, PAG, etc.)

    Raw materials for EUV PR (polymer, PAG, etc.)

    Ultrapure water ion-exchange resins

  • Mobility & Energy


    Lithium-ion electrolyte additive

    Lithium-sulfur electrolyte additive

    Sulfide solid electrolyte material


    UF membrane for water control systems

    Material for hydrogen tank liners

  • Personal Care

    We develop multi-functional materials that
    can be applied to skin/body/hair care products,
    daily supplies and industrial areas in order to provide
    customized and personalized solutions
    for our customers.

  • Engineering Plastics

    PC copolymer

    Siloxane PC

    Transparent flame-resistant PC

    Composite materials

    Thermoplastic composites with carbon fiber (CF)
    and glass fiber (GF)

  • AI Modeling

    Using our extensive R&D database, we are able to
    develop AI-powered algorithms that predict
    product properties.


  • Engineering Plastic Metalinus

    Metalinus is a high-quality material that can create a non-coated product exterior of equal quality without the conventional painting process.

  • Engineering Plastic PC/PBT for automotive interior parts

    Compared to existing PC/ABS materials, PC/PBT has excellent formability and impact strength. Thanks to its high chemical resistance, it can be used without coating.

  • Engineering Plastic Recycled fish net materials

    This material is made by reprocessing the PA6 material of scrap fish nets from coastal regions in Korea. It has adequate heat resistance to be used for the automotive engine room.

  • Engineering Plastic Siloxane PC

    Siloxane PC is a specialty PC product that uses novel raw materials independently developed by Samyang Chemical R&D. Its low-temperature impact strength, chemical resistance, and flame resistance properties can be adjusted according to user requirements.

  • Eco-friendly (bio-based polymer) Adhesive for EV motor core

    This adhesive is developed using the ISB material independently developed by Samyang Corporation. It has better adhesiveness, reliability and durability compared to competitor products.

  • Mobility & energy Ion-exchange filters for hydrogen vehicles

    Our ion-exchange filters for hydrogen vehicles have a service life that is 20% longer than existing products. They have excellent metal removal efficiency in both low and high temperatures and currently supplied to global companies.

  • Display semiconductor Photoinitiator

    As the first oxime photoinitiator developed in Korea, our photoinitiator has high penetration and solubility in various absorption wavelengths. It is supplied to global companies.

  • Display semiconductor Photo acid generator

    By applying the new NIT structure for the first time in Korea, our photo acid generator has outstanding solubility and heat safety. It is supplied to numerous global companies.

  • Display semiconductor Ultrapure water ion resins

    This ion-exchange resin used for cleaning semiconductor wafers have minimized leakage of organic matters and great metal removal efficiency. It is supplied to global companies.

  • Digtal Transformation AI Modeling

    Using tens of thousands of pieces of data in Samyang Corporation’s extensive database, we designed our own AI-modeling program. We use the program to develop key properties and color mixes for engineering plastics and improved our R&D efficiency.

  • Digtal Transformation Molecular dynamics

    We predict properties through a computer simulation based on the formulas for chemical structures and energy relationships. The results are used to select basic materials and suggest the direction for basic material development.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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